London Eye/Madame Tussaud's

    Looking to go to both of the above in early June this year. Any deals/ discounts?

    Another possibility would be a Merlin Pass...

    Appreciate any input, thanks guys


    If travelling down there by train you can get 2 for 1 tickets aslong as you have two valid train tickets, not an oyster card.

    This generally works out a bit cheaper than (£25 in total) tickets which are £15 each at the moment, probably will be more in June.

    If your going by yourself then probably best bet is lastminute.

    ive got 2 half price entry vouchers you can have for the cost of a stamp? valid till the end of the year...

    Check out for all offers. Just had a quick check - London Eye/Madame Tussauds and the Dungeon is £40 a ticket, per person for all three. Madame Tussauds is on 2 for 1 offer, but the Eye isn't ...

    Merlin Pass is a good idea.
    Do you live anywhere near any of the attractions like Thorpe Park or Chessington world of adventures?
    I live very near to Thorpe Park so it's ideal 4 the kids.
    If ur in the position to (and u have kids), u can take them after school etc as well as the usual half terms and summer holidays.... or even go yourself

    Check out ]http//ww…109 for more info

    If u can afford it, they're great

    Original Poster

    wonkey - PM'ed

    Already got the flights down, it is for me and the girlfriend, going to see the lovely beyonce and these were kind of an afterthought.

    We're up in Scotland which is kind of a shame because the Merlin Pass seems a good idea!

    The total for 2 tickets on the madame tussauds/london eye website is £66.60 or something close to that, and that includes 10% off for booking online.

    I'm also looking for some vouchers of some sort for the London Eye, if anyone has any ?


    W H Smiths have 2 for 1 vouchers, you only have to buy something instore like a newspaper
    or chocolate bar, the vouchers are on the counter. It includes Madame Tussauds, the Dungeons, Chessington, Thorpe Park, some restrictions on for certain dates, terms and conditions are printed on the vouchers. With summer coming up there will be a lot more
    of these vouchers around - try national newspapers like the Sun or cereal packets.
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