london for the day

    i'm thinking of taking the wife to london for the day never been before i live in leicester so i'll go straight down the m1. just wondered what tube station would be best go to and park up then go into london from there. and how much would it cost. want to go around regents park area. or if anyone know any good hotels around that area with a car pak


    remember to pack a stab/bomb proof vest :thumbsup:

    amersham, theres an all day car park by the station and then direct route onto underground system

    amersham is a bloody long underground ride to regents park, it would probably be simpler to just get on the train in Leicester

    I'd park at Stanmore (North London), only a £1 each day and you're near the tube for travelling around…spx

    Take a boat ride on the Thames to, hop on and off for £12 each (third off if you have a travelcard), visit the museums and Greenwich that way

    I went last week.
    Drove to Watford tube station. The carpark was full but I parked the other side of the local park & walked 5 mins. I got a travelcard for the day (valid after 9.30am) for £9.00 plus £1 each for the kids. The travelcard is valid on all tubes & London buses for the day too.…eed

    ps......if it's a nice day, get off the boat at hampton court......breath taking

    I would agree with getting the train at Leicester......we have travelled from Nottingham, fast relaxing journey there and back without all the hassle of roadworks
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