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    Looking at a weekend away to London in a few weeks and need somewhere to stay. Are there any deals for Hotels at the moment that might suit us? We're looking at staying in the thick of the action, hope to catch a West End Show and do the whole shopping/tourist thing if you can recommend the best Hotel for that. Would prefer a decent hotel, not five star or anything but quite nice...

    Also can anybody recommend some good restaurants around the West End for a pre show dinner? Seafood would be desirable. Also any other restaurants around the centre you can recommend. Rather not pay more than £100 for the two of us including a bottle if that's do-able. Want to avoid chain restaurants too.

    Thank you


    Try for hotels and they do pre or post dinner show packages and i have never been able to beat their prices elsewhere.

    Try googling mystery punch in the area you want to stay and it gives you hotels near by, these are hotels that are too posh to admit they can't fill their rooms. Only downfall is that you don't know where you are staying till you book it. My son has to go to London on a regular basis from work and swears by this now, much cheaper and nicer than a travelodge type are bound to get a 4 * +

    Try ]Toptable for restaurants, real customer reviews and I've never been let down
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