London Hotels and

    Does anyone know of any hotel deals in the centre of London.
    5/8/08 till 7/8/08
    Someone mentioned but I have forgotton the password does anyone know it?

    Also does anyone know any deals on the Oyster Card or any other deals on the underground or buses.


    Just looked on travelodge for you...they have some from £70 per night (Docklands) which is a fair price for London when booking so close to the date. Travelodge are great, good value, no mess know what you're getting!

    For an Oyster card you just pay a £3 deposit and top it up. Presumably you can trade it back in when you've finished with it.…spx
    There are also lots of offers on attractions and theatre etc once you have an Oyster card…rs/
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