london in new year=tips please!

    going london on the 1st-5th january, anyone have any tips or any places i should go?
    ideally i want to go on the london eye , madam tussauds, see the thames and go shopping ie bond street and go to harrods.

    any cheap tickets or passes i could get for london?!
    ive booked a travelodge for 4 days so that should be ok!


    have a look on there for some ideas and discounts. Have a great time

    Tower of London is great and you can get in on various 2 for 1 offers.
    O2 centre is a nice change for a meal and a few drinks, and you can get to/from/both using the London Clipper which is great fun.
    London Zoo providing weather ok
    Get tube to Covet Garden and have a wander round (day or night)
    I'm going for a long weekend next weekend so if I pick up on anything else I'll let you know

    book asap, it's a popular time! enjoy the sights, think there might be a NY party too with fireworks.

    In the middle of winter you may be restricted to indoor events which will usually have a charge levied. I know that in winter there are skating rinks in some ares but not sure what if any cost there may be. Worth keep checking london events pages on lead up to your trip. Some attractions offer lower prices if you have an oyster card.

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    whats an oyster card? how much is it?!

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    whats an oyster card? how much is it?! rep added

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    whats an oyster card? how much is it?! rep added for everyone


    oyster card is what you use to get round the tubes! they cost £3 to start with then you have to top it up to use the tubes but it is cheaper than buying a different ticket each time, costs £1.50 everytime u use tube with oyster card otherwise i think its bout £4, also you can get bus for cheap, i got it 90p bus instead of £2 so it works out cheaper
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