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Found 26th Apr 2006
Ok as a treat for my wife getting her dissertation finally handed in! I bought her tickets for the phantom of the Opera this weekend (respect to quidco for small % back)
Then got a good deal from the priceline thread on a 4* hotel in knightsbridge again kudos!

Now question is although Ive been there for flying visits with work many times. going as a tourist what are the must do's if you have 72 hours in the capital?

**will consider most things apart from shopping, I aren't ready to re-mortgage yet ;)**

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Climb the 311 steps to the top of the monument for a nice view.

I enjoyed it anyway!!


London Eye...always good, and covent garden is really nice it had shops, restaurants and loads of street performers.

Hope you have a nice trip.

Tate Modern is...interesting :lol:

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Thanks guys some things to consider.. I want to see the natural history musuem too but hear can take a day just to get round it?

It's good. You can go around at your own speed - it depends how much you want to look at. They have a kindof activity area which is good. SOme museums stay open late one night, so you might want to see which.

always go see houses of parliament/big ben and westminster abbey, london eye, harrods (in knightsbridge) and selfridges, and if you have kids or fancy being a kid, go to regent street for hamleys (in between oxford circus and picadilly circus underground)

if you are heading in that latter direction, you need to go to picadilly for the trocadero and the statue of eros and the nearby famous advertising boards seen here freespace.virgin.net/mar…tml

oh, and a little east of picadilly is trafalgar square for the lions/fountain/nelsons column (but no pigeons any more!)

hope that helped and get ready some comfy shoes!

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Ahhhh had completley forgot Hamleys now that is a must!

hehe, i edited the post for a lot more things to see!

on regent street is the newish apple store as well which is always a bit of fun

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Guess its prioritising, going to be a hectic long weekend but thx for the tips!

oh, i nearly forgot, downing street (although its easy to wander past not realising what it is) and buckingham palace (westminster)

and another great thing is to go see the waxworks and london planitarium (marylebone).

if you were thinking of the natural history museum then thats in the same place (kensington) as the london eye


Guess its prioritising, going to be a hectic long weekend but thx for the … Guess its prioritising, going to be a hectic long weekend but thx for the tips!

you are right, theres so much to see/do, but the beauty of it is you can just wander, and you'll chance upon most of these sights as they are all within a walk of each other.

by the way, if you are going to trafalgar and trocadero, then thats a stones throw from soho, and it always depends on what sort of holiday you fancy

and lastly i'll leave you with this so you can have a looksee and pick out the best bits


i tell a lie! lol, hope i'm not sending you mad!

bargain site to get 2 for 1 on most london attractions

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i tell a lie! lol, hope i'm not sending you … i tell a lie! lol, hope i'm not sending you mad!http://www.2for1entry.co.uk/bargain site to get 2 for 1 on most london attractions

Hehe man after my own heart ,quite the opposite many thx for all the pointers karma passed your way

no probs, hope i helped a bit! anyone would think i live in london or go there daily, but i dont, only been there siteseeing twice and worked there for the odd week or two but its dead easy, perhaps figure out the areas for everything you fancy, and print out an underground map, circling the stations that are in those areas i think i'll try that when i take my other half to see london soon....

The underground maps make great little keepsakes of London!! The best thing is that they're small and free so you can get one for everyone you know, lol.

I think they change the cover often too.

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Well guys after all your help the whole thing is off!

My wife was in for a day admission for a "minor fertility operation" on wednesday told she would be fine for Friday!
This isnt the case (she can hardly walk and is full of holes!!)... so unfortunatley have sold the phantom tickets about half price on ebay, and hotwire will refund the hotel once we can prove medical grounds!
So sorry for wasting your times... hey ho life happens anyway some good tips for nxt time so thx anyway guys!

oh damn, well i hope she is ok and gets well soon matey
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