london marathon 2009

    hi me and a few friends are looking to run the london marathon this year, does anybody no if we are to late to enter and how we go about doing it, thanks


    think you are a bit too late - should apply straight after this years one

    if you are with a club or running for a charity you will have a better chance
    o/h tried 8 yrs on the trot - no joy -

    you are accepted as a veteran over 39 - better chance of getting in

    best to find a charity and then go through them to get a place....agree with holly its too late now

    Yeah you are too late. You might be able to get a charity place, but they'd probably give you a target of around £1500 to raise.

    If you have no joy, there are loads of full and 1/2 marathons taking place all over the country this year. Check out runners world website and click on Events.

    Good luck if you get in!
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