Found 27th Apr 2009
So who's looking at doing it then?



Whats a maraton

In before "Whats a maraton"

Damn you and your near invisible editing DG :lol:


Have you learnt nothing from Pheidippides?


Have you learnt nothing from Pheidippides?

Oooh, sounds itchy . . .

No unless your on about snickers changing the name back?

oooft I'd prob die after a mile lol... Good luck if you decide to do it...

I'm definitely wanting to do it. Does anyone know when the application process starts?

it opened today im going to have a bash if i cant get a place, Website has crashed all day, i have been trying since 9 a.m. Apparently the website will be back up tomorrow morning, Good luck if you do decide to apply as its not an easy race to get into! roughly 150,000 applicants with only around 36,000 places

For those of you interested, the best way is to run for a charity. They have guaranteed places. They usually ask you to have a minimum donation of approximately 1500 upwards and you pay approx £100 upfront - but this guarantees your space. Go to:…=21

I'm signing up for my chosen charity at the end of the week when I get paid :-)

Good luck to all those who do run xxx Esp for charities!


remind me in 11 months ...... i may watch 1 year

Original Poster

ok ok maratHon :P typo :P

Yea im planning on entering, sticking my name in the ballot
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