London Motor Show Pics!!

    Just a few of my favourite pics from the motor show today...

    I have provided a link at the end to view the rest of the pics...

    It was an enjoyable day!


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    can't see the link

    wow whats the 4th piccy down? me and lad trying to work out what it could possibly be?!

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    wow whats the 4th piccy down? me and lad trying to work out what it could … wow whats the 4th piccy down? me and lad trying to work out what it could possibly be?!

    That would be a Lexus

    Argh!! You saw a veyron!! Very jealous!! :shock:


    That would be a Lexus

    very very nice wonder if santa will bring me one:giggle:

    that mazda is gorgeous:thumbsup:

    Some of my favourites from your album. Hope you don't mind me posting!

    What is this one?

    I saw a new morgan the other day!! Wasn't quite as good as this one though... nice trims!

    The "cars" ones are awesome! Probably helps that many of them were based on actual cars in the first place, as below...

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    The Aspid Aspid! :lol: Never heard of em, but here ya go for info! - ]Aspid
    The 'Cars' ones were fab - The one of Mater is my desktop background!

    And no, don't mind you posting Ducky! :thumbsup:

    OMG!!! OH took our son and didn't even see the CARS ones - must go back must go back must go back...

    He probably got a bit distracted I expect :giggle:

    My apartment literally faces the ExCel from across the docks....... and I didnt even get free tickets even tho im kept awake by sodding Blondie and other hasbeen acts on the stage......

    But inside it was pretty gucci.

    BTW tickets are half price after 1700

    I'll upload some of my pics to this thread as well soon. (not trying to hijack tho)

    And the guy who said about the Veyron, I must be real lucky cause I've seen one being driven on a normal street too. I still believe it's overrated.

    i have some pics i can put up too soon :thumbsup:

    as birdyboy said, its an amazing show, seeing card you could afford to cars you can only dream about, my favourite car was probably the Zonda or the veyron

    now i need to find the cash for one :whistling:

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    I am actually looking at getting a new car next year. I looked at the MPV's: Vauxhall Zafira, Citreon C4 Grand Picasso & Ford Galaxy....the good thing at the show was that each vehicle had it emissions rating and the C4 was a Class C which is the same as my 1.0L Corsa! (£120 for 12mth) The Zafira & Galaxy were class F!!! (£210.00 for 12mth) I was very suprised with this :shock:

    I know what car i'll be looking at getting! :thumbsup:

    iCodd: Feel free to post some pics!

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    Just a quick bump for those that may have missed this
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