London Paddington to Heathrow terminal 3?

    We're flying from Heathrow terminal 3 on a Saturday, 2 adults 3 luggage What is the easiest and cheapest way of getting from London Paddington to Heathrow terminal 3? Is the train the best option?


    The Heathrow express

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    I believe between terminals it is free. I'm not sure about paddington and terminal. I'll research it. Thanks

    Heathrow express, book a couple of weeks in advance for best savings.

    Don't take the Heathrow Express, overpriced at £44 for 2 passengers. Save yourself some money and take the Heathrow CONNECT, local service£20.40 for 2. Takes 7 minutes longer and stops at 3 other stations on the way.

    Alternatively, if you have not used Uber, download the app and add promo code O2 PRIORITY for £20 off your 1st ride. Saves the hassle of carrying your luggage around. Using the promo code should bring the cost to around £7-£15 max.

    Alternatively, take the Tube, Piccadilly line ......takes a long time but again cheaper than Heathrow Express.

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    Easiest way is definitely using the Heathrow Express. However it is not the cheapest. Some Airlines allow you to check in at Paddington itself so you do not need to carry luggage but please check as they are phasing this facility. Also, check for offers like 2 for 1 etc.
    If looking for cheapest try taking the tube if you do not have any luggage or if you have never used uber then you can get up to £20 off your first journey.

    You don't give the date you are travelling but if 26th Nov onwards and you book 2 weeks ahead the Heathrow express is £24.20. If you use the android app you get 10% off your first booking making it £21.78. The train leaves every 15 mins from platform 6 or 7. Check ahead because maintenance work means it leaves every 30 mins on 26th Nov.
    I wouldn't use an Uber when catching a flight, just my preference.

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    Thanks everyone.
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