london sightseeing tour

I am going to be booking one of the sightseeing bus tours to see the sights of london. Can anyone recommend a particular site, or which of the companies are any good, as there are quite a few to choose from.

Only one other thing is that I need it to be a company that will email the tickets rather than post them, as it's for wednesday this week.


I love those bus tours - but always just booked when arrived - but sure there must be a cheaper way of doing it as it isnt cheap. Sure we paid £25 each last time but great for getting on and off when u like.

We did the big red bus company one, got our tickets through Tesco clubcard deals and picked them up in their office just off trafalgar square, pretty sure the main ones are much of a muchness though

This company is one we used and a tiny discount by booking online.


This company is one we used and a tiny discount by booking online.


We used these, really good and you get a free thames river cruise too

the red bus , super tour bus , we also got a free cruise up the thames really great tour bus , enjoy !

Meh, just get a travel card and work it out yourself :-p

normal number 15 bus goes past all the same sites, get a travelcard

Would not buy in advance. All negotiable at the stop when you get can bargain a good deal.

or get the No 15 bus !!
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