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Posted 15th Oct
I am flying out on a 08.30 morning flight on a Wednesday, is it worth purchasing fast track security at £7.00? I have heard there can be long waits at Stansted at security. I have not used this airport before as no idea what to expect? Thanks
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If you want piece of mind then do it, but remember it’s really pot luck as to whether there is a queue. I prefer to just get there a bit earlier (to the airport), then there is no rush to get through.
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My experience would be to pay this money on your return rather than on your outbound flight. I never knew this service was available and long queues on my return have always felt more frustrating especially if traveling with younger children. The only issue here is that you will still have to wait if you travel with more than cabin luggage

8.30am departure from Stansted shouldn't present you with too much grief.
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Expect long queues at th3 parking drop off If you use the drop off. It’s a complete rip off and joke. IF I am fo4ced to use stanstead again, I will use off airport parking. It can’t be any slower than the queues to drop and pick up keys.
Stansted can be busy but not as bad as Luton in my experience. I have never used fast track as I always make a point to arrive early. Generally allow 2 hours before your flight and you should be fine.
I fly from Stansted kinda regularly and I'm they type to arrive about an hour and a half before my flight. I've never had a problem and never bought a fast track pass. The lines seem long but they actually move at a good pace. I'd say aim to get there at least 2 hours before your flight and save your money.
Only of any use if you are daft enough to get to the airport at the last minute , which is a really stupid thing to !

A traffic jam or an accident even weather or a delayed bus/train can delay you by more than a 15 min queue through security. Aim to get to the airport at least 2 hours before take off then you have plenty of margin for the vagaries of travel and the 15 min queue for security. If no delays - enjoy a relaxing hour over a coffee (or something stronger) . Remember the plane will NOT wait for you .

Far better to be relaxing in the departure lounge for an hour than cursing in a traffic jam on the M11
I wouldn’t pay for fast track.
As you look at the airport terminal from the outside, the departures security area is at the far left (or the first part of the building as you come up the slope). Inside, the ‘main security’ entrance can clearly be seen as you walk along the concourse, however there is a 2nd entrance to the right of it with signage for wheelchair users, fast track (and I think families with strollers) but anyone can use this entrance which gives access to the same security area but to the furthest machines and lines. Compared to the main security entrance I’ve always found using the other entrance to be quicker as the signage puts general flyers off. I’m not guaranteeing there will be no queues as this end of security, but if the main entrance looks really busy, (you can see through),then opt for the other entrance.
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Thanks everyone for the replies, all very helpful. I am staying the night before so will miss the car park situation
I hate Stanstead! But if you give enough time and you should be fine.
Been through Stansted loads of times, even got there at 12 at night many times to wait for my flight at 7 in the morning, as I wouldn't have been able to get later bus there from where I was in london, lots off people sleep on the floor, if you get there 2 hours early you should be through check-in on time as it's quick enough
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