London Theatre Direct

    Hey there,

    I am just wondering if any of you have use the company London Theatre Direct?
    I have read some mixed reviews and was just looking for a bit more advice.

    Im looking at booking some tickets for the we will rock you show in April and they seem much cheaper than other booking websites. This makes me a little apprehensive to book straight away.

    Thanks very much for your help



    Used them plenty of times and had no problems.

    Tickets for WWRY do vary in price, you can get some good bargains on weekdays especially!

    It's a great show too. What date are you looking for?

    Original Poster

    Iv looked at around the friday 16th of april. Prices are much better than other sites so i may just bite the bullet and book.
    Iv heard its a great show so for the prices they offer it should be a great experience.

    Thanks for your reply
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