London THeatre weekend gift experience - ever been?

    I have been given a gift experience box which includes an option of aLOndon show for 2 people and dinner in a nearby restaurant/pub beforehand.

    I have to send for a voucher that entitles me to this, then I have to ..... what?

    What happens next? Do I choose dates or do they allocate dates? What if I can't go on their dates? (THe voucher has to be use by end of December). Can I choose my own show or do they offer a choice - and how limited?

    Anyone done this?


    only available at "participating" theatres-they will tell you what shows are available-they will try to accomodate your dates obviously-be aware that most of these vouchers are for upper circle tickets.

    Why don't you just contact them and ask them?? :whistling:

    I'd imagine they would have block booked seats for specific shows / times so best if you call as quickly as possible in case you end up with a show you really aren't interested in.
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