London to Birmingham New Street - Cheapest Train?

    It was £13 before but can't find anything less than £20 now

    I want to leave on the night of the 14th Feb and get back on 20th (preferably late)


    Hey if you look at the london midland service (I think it's called that now, was chiltern) between Marylebone and Birmingham Snow Hill that is usually cheaper than the trains to New Street, and new street is literally a 5 minute walk away (If you needed to go there) Snow Hill is on Colmore Row so if you needed a bus/taxi to somewhere there are loads of services from there.

    £20 is not bad to be fair as short notice...cheaper fares are booked well in advance


    surprise you will find any cheaper esp its vals day

    i remember once i paid £350 return first class for me and the mrs

    try the coach £1 each way


    think its called the mega bus £1 bham -london

    have you tried east coast trains?

    Original Poster

    Cheapest I found was £17 open return. But the train would take almost 3 hours =/

    look up london midland..they currently have a deal on,it is posted on this site.
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