Long life mobile needed

    I will be traveling in parts of Thailand, Cambodia and the surrounding area so need a tri-band mobile with long battery life. It doesn't need any special features other than the ability to text and make/receive calls. Please suggest a phone that will be suitable to my needs.

    Thank you for looking.


    i took a sagem my150x to thailand and hong kong - very cheap simple phone with a long battery life. rugged and great to sling in your pocket. dunno if thailand does them but hk had mega cheap sims (about a fiver) which effectively logged your call through a sort of skype set-up and made for extremely cheap, and i mean around a penny a minute, calls to uk.

    my150x can be had for around a tenner here and there - you need to unlock it, i got mine dome via mobyrepairs on this forum for £7

    Be aware that mobile connection in these countries are not so great,only biggest towns covered,and quality is poor,so you maybe considering not taking mobile at all Use walkie talkie to comunicate. :-D
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