Long Live Palestine Part 2 (ft Tony Benn, Robert Fisk, George Galloway) Lowkey

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Found 5th Jan 2010
Link Below

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nice one. lowkey has some good lyrics with proper meaning unlike some rappers.




:thumbsup:why did op get suspended though?

But he hasn't though.


But he hasn't though.

breezed his details and thats what his location says........:p

good track and good cause.........:thumbsup:
worth 59p at itunes and 69p at amazon

Original Poster


lolbreezed his details and thats what his location says........:p

:lol: yep

Purchased It

Viva la Palestine!

Viva la Cuba!!!

Zionism IS NOT Judaism.

List of people who have in the past condemned Israel and Zionists for their actions, try calling these people anti-semitic:

Nelson Mandela
Desmond Tutu.
Mahatma Gandhi.
Ron Paul.
Noam Chomsky.
Rabbi Moses Maimonides (He warned the Jewish against forcing a homeland. Most Jews regard him as Judaism's number 1 all time scholar.)

They're the ones I can think of, esteemed individuals of the top of my head. The west is reaping what it has sowed regarding its Zionist financial masters. Hehe..
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