Long shot at help finding info for job

    Hi guys,

    My partner is going for a new job and has to do a presentation on 'The role of the specialist nurse in coronary care and how to develop the role further'.

    She has checked the internet but was hoping someone here could point her towards any good sites or even someone that has done this before just for a little extra research.



    I googled 'The role of the specialist nurse in coronary care and how to develop the role further' and that was quite successful.

    The first one seems quite useful.…htm
    as does the second.

    At the worst this bumps your thread!:-D

    this looks relevent, but you have to register to read the full paper - its free

    have a look at this scholar search string -

    Phone the coronory care unit and ask to go speak to some specialist nurses, they would probably help with any questions and give ideas about developing the role. See if she can get any friends (or do it yourself, its not too hard) to help set up the power point presentation, there will probably be facilities for this at the interview, she can even run it from her own laptop, the PPP will have bullet points which she will then talk to,explainiing her points fully while turning the pages on the PPP. She should try hard not to read from notes, she can have them in front of her for emergency use only, interviewers see this as weakness, so she really needs to memorise what it is she wants to say at each point. At the start of the presentation she should 'introduce' her presentation and say that she welcomes any questions at the endThe last page of the PPP could/should have a good quote from someone in the field making a clever statement about coronory care and the nurses or something like that, you know what i mean i'm sure.
    Hope this helps

    Original Poster

    Thanks all will pass the info on, she actually works in coronary care so will have be asking around.

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