Found 12th Dec 2008
Need Help Yesterday, for some reason we got on the topic of the mythical Black Shuck creature (Slow day) and it reminded me of the darkness song Black Shuck and I want to play it to the peeps at work...

Now this is where the community comes in...I dont have access to youtube as its filtered so could someone please get on youtube and download the black shuck video/song and send it to me as a flv file

Could you send it to [email protected]



i would have done this for you but havent a clue how to do it - sorry

Couldnt you go through a proxy server?

either use thecloak (google it)

or use a free program called flash get this will allow u to download the file yourself. (install it and go to the youtube vid hover mouse and it will say download)

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Couldnt you go through a proxy server?

Tried but alot of proxys dont allow Javascript plus I'm behind a school firewall and so nearly ALOT of proxy sites are blocked so its a biatch finding them

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Cheers :thumbsup:
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