Long shot, some websites dont work on this laptop. CPW, ROBLOX + MSEDGE

Found 28th Mar
I've found 2 sites that don't work properly on this laptop (i7, 3612qm, Win10, 8gb)
I normally use Chrome, but have tried firefox, Opera.

Edge does not work at all, I don't think it ever did ("Hmm, we can't reach this page" on everything). I think I upgraded from Win7 to 10, and regret that immensely.

carphonewarehouse site works until I go to look at their phones
The mobile phone loading icon just loops over and over

Roblox website works, but try to join any game - it loads their game window with an error
CURL Error (curl_easy_perfom): SSL Connect Error (35)
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Make sure that the time and date is set correctly. Having the wrong time can interfere with SSL certificates
That's weird, as my laptop was 5mins out from BBC's time and phone etc. Last week I noticed it wasnt set to auto adjust, so I put that on and it hung. So I just reset the clock manually. Will look into that.
Virus protection or firewall stopping you viewing.. Don't get me started on this.. Turn off virus protection and it may work.. Then you need to mess with the virus / firewall settings... Your ok to turn off to test although I don't run with any virus protection.. That's me though
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have you tried resetting to factory. its in the options on Windows restore I think
sorted time (didnt crash this time )
Turned virus/firewall off

cpw/roblox same, ms edge still doesnt work

not tried factory reset, Im probably overdue to do a wipe, but I know the joys of reinstalling everything, and as yet for some reason its only 2 website that don't work so I can live with it but more annoying than anything.

Oh i tried mucking around with the SSL certs from a few videos such as this, but im like the dog with the headset. no idea what im doing with that stuff.
Have you tried changing the dns?
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