Long-term psychological effects of Insidious: Chapter 2

Found 18th Apr 2014
Alright, so let me start by saying that I'm not trolling you with this post, I'm just genuinely interested in how other people have been 'visited' by horror films.

So, I went and saw Insidious: Chapter 2 at the cinema when it first came out (this was last Hallowe'en). I'm a big fan of the psychological horror genre (The Shining, The Omen, The Skeleton Key etc), and I really enjoyed the first Insidious (which I watched at home).

Anyway, I came close to wetting my trousers in the cinema. It was *really* scary. I'd never seen a horror movie with loud surround sound, a huge screen and in a darkened room without a way to stop it before. I didn't want to embarrass myself so I watched the whole thing and didn't cower behind my hands. Well, that was a mistake.

Walking home from the cinema on my own in the dark, I was a little shaken (as anyone would be after watching a horror movie, you know, that turn-the-light-off-and-run-out-of-the-room thing). I didn't sleep very well that night.

The problem I'm having is that months later I am still struggling to settle down into bed for thinking about this film. I've moved my bed against a wall so I can sleep facing the wall and not worry about things jumping out from behind furniture, but I'm still having to keep the duvet over my head and my feet well away from the sides of the bed.

I spoke to some friends about it, and after they finished laughing they suggested I watch the film again, in my own home and in my own environment. The idea was that I'd see how ridiculous the whole thing was and get over it. Unfortunately it didn't work out that way, and my recent viewing only served to give more strength to my irrational fear of old men dressed as women jumping out from my cupboard.

I'm on edge when the house is empty, too. I try to keep the cat in the same room as me for comfort but I still have to check every room in the house every so often (sometimes with a knife, depending on the situation). When I sit at my desk to type (as I am now), my back is to the entrance to the room. Every so often I have to look around and listen for any disturbances.

The only thing I've found that works so far is when I walk around the house checking for 'monsters', if I have the knife and I shout out things like "I'm going to kill you"/"I know you're here" etc etc then I feel a little better.

I know it's a little difficult to believe that something as trivial as a film can trigger this kind of a reaction from a sane adult, which is why I originally thought that this film was bringing out my fear or something real in my life. The thing is, I don't really have any fears or significant stresses in my life, aside from the little fears we all have (money, family etc).

That said, I have always been a bit of a 'jumpy' person, I scare very easily and I did sometimes get a little scared when the house was empty before seeing this film (never like this though). The problems getting to sleep only came about after watching the film, too.

Has anyone else been visited to this extent by a film, a book or anything else before? How did it affect you?
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I used to be exactly the same... When I was younger. Everything you have described are symptoms I used to suffer from. As I grew older I realised that things that happened in the films aren't likely going to happen in real life lol Although saying that if my wife and kid are away from home, I do sleep with the lamp or TV on lol just in case hahaha...
There are different ways to look at it:

Either "real" evil exists therefore only God can save you.
You are allowing this irrational fear of nothing to take a hold of you.

If it was me, I would pray, and also know that nothing can harm you unless you let it.
see your gp
I don't like ghosty films like Paranormal Activity but I do like other types of horror. I get a bit freaked sometimes but you just have to remember that nothing untoward happened before you watched the film so why would it suddenly happen now? I understand why it could play on your mind but just remember it's fiction that someone has written purely to make them money.
Hope you feel better about it soon mate.
There have been no truly scary horror films since the 80s

Suck it up X)
The only thing you should have fear of is people.oO No ghosts or spirits exist. (if ghosts are real why don't people report visions of dinosaurs or menageries of farm animals around old slaughterhouse's). The only person who's frightening you is you.
Watch the scary bits frame by frame over and over. Your mind needs to get bored with the fear.
You just have to remember that these are movies - all acting and all fake, for me these movies are funny because I know they cannot happen for real.

You're not in a movie - these things don't happen for real, if they did then these ghost hunter programs would actually be interesting to watch, but instead they are a load of rubbish.
you may have post traumatic stress disorder, i read about a woman only this week who this had happened to after watching a film
Well...pretty much all intelligent responses, and not a troll in sight! I do love this community...

Thanks for your input though, I was especially interested to hear about other people's experiences with this kind of thing. Today I watched the 'Behind the Scenes' of the film and I felt a little better once I'd seen Parker Crane's mother laughing on the set. Seeing James Wan directing also made me feel better since he's a really likeable guy.

I suppose the conclusion is that this film has 'brought out' fears that I already had (such as a fear of intruders in the house and fear of the dark). I think it also brings out my OCD, too, which is always bad (just as an example I used to feel I had to go through every page of the Sky TV guide before I was able to put something on, which drove everyone around me insane ).

Nice to know we all have problems, though. It certainly makes you feel a lot better to think that you're not a special case
Vitamin b12 or beroccas might help your nervous system and reduce your caffeine , hope that helps
'The only thing I've found that works so far is when I walk around the house checking for 'monsters', if I have the knife and I shout out things like "I'm going to kill you"/"I know you're here" etc etc then I feel a little better.'


(runs away)

Maybe you've had comments removed/been reported a lot/talked badly about … Maybe you've had comments removed/been reported a lot/talked badly about a moderator/talked about Islam without permission

lol! love that "talked about Islam without permission" :-p
oh voted hot by the way. Will check my local.
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