'long wait' how long on lovefilm?

    wanna get adulthood rentel but it says 'long wait' how long u reckon?


    could be anything, I stuck star wars the force unleashed down the day after it came out. Had the little red thing next to it but was sent out the following day.

    another tip to speed them up is only have a few titles in you rental list at one time rather than the 10 they recommend.

    knowing lovefilm i'd say a year, we've been customers for over a year now and we still have it sitting on waiting allocation for over a day.

    Its strange that both LF and BB penalise loyal customers. if you are on a free trial or new starter you will get all your requests but this will gradually reduce over a few months. I have found that "Treat 'em mean and keep em keen" works in this case. By cancelling your membership and swapping every few months to and fro and you will see that your service will always be good than if you just stuck with the one. if fact its like having two birds on the go at once as both wil do extra stuff to entice you back. Such as extra free months and "Other services".

    Well we were customers of BB for a year before we switched to LoveFilm, we used to love BB before they started there **** of Awaiting allocation even tho there were like 30 titles on the list.

    But now LoveFilm are exactly the same, might be time for a change tbh.


    I get all the top titles sent out within a day or two (even new PS3 game releases e.g fifa09).

    Might have something to do with the fact I have been on continual free trials for 4 years now lol
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