Long weekend for two lads needed.

    me and a friend normally go to Dublin for St Paddies day once a year but this year we missed it as I moved to Norway. We where thinking of hitting the Oktober Fest but looking at prices it will cost me about £400 in flights, £400 in Holel Rooms and at least another £400 in beer and food. So I was thinking. Is there anywhere we could go in the world, for a long weekend for less? But something cool and where we can party?

    Cheers all.




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    Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming

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    Thanks for the reply's guys. I just spoke to my mate, he said he fancies Vegas. I'll look into Big Horn Mountains, what is it?

    If I was to go for Vegas what would be the cheapest way to go and stay? had the 30th to the 4th of october staying in the Bellagio for £750. Cheaper than Oktoberfest,lol. Anyone know what website's to use etc?

    Ta .

    Good old Blackpool,



    Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming

    haha, i was going to post something like that but you beat me to it, guess it went over most peoples heads

    Big Horn Mountains. I think they're in the same range as the Brokeback Mountains if that helps.

    My house!!!

    How good looking are you both? (_;)

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    My house!!!How good looking are you both? (_;)

    Ha ha, pic first!8)
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