Longest interview ever?

    Had a job interview on monday for a marketing position, the agency lady said the interview would probably be very thorough and so a bit longer than usual.. went into the interview..

    2 hours!

    The job seems great etc and i would love to do it but when i came out i had texts from my gf a bit snarky because she thought i was ignoring her and my parents thought i had crashed the car. lol.


    2 hours! you had better get the job now.

    m interview for graduate jobs were half a day things

    2 * 1 hour interviews

    plus a computer based text

    good luck, hope you got the job

    I've had half day interviews and had to take those stupid psycho tests.....didn't even get the jobs after :x


    I've had half day interviews and had to take those stupid psycho … I've had half day interviews and had to take those stupid psycho tests.....didn't even get the jobs after :x

    was that becuase you are a psycho?


    was that becuase you are a psycho?

    :oops: hmmmmm, didn't factor that in, no-one else has cottoned on and I have a good job now ;-)......hehe


    Two hours thats a new one ! My job interview for my current job only lasted 2-3 minutes, honestly.

    WIsh you best of luck and hope you get the job

    3 hrs for my current job as a car salesman. LOL.

    Went to 1 interview a while back and it was all day, apptitude test and all.

    Original Poster

    The thing is this had and will have no tests, its was just chatting about me, my cv and the job role for 2 hours. lol. I hear if ive got a 2nd interview next week. The good thing was that it didnt feel like two hours.


    I once applied to be a Supermarket Manager for Sainsburys. The whole 'interview' lasted from 9am through til 4pm, with a dinner with the bosses half way through. And I still didn't get the job!!!!

    My interview lasted 3 hours - I also had to do tests for spreadsheets and compiling letters of authority - My current job is as a Manager for Local Government

    I had one not so long back, wanted me to take part in an action packed day, with team work and tests. To be honest, if they expect me to do this sort of crummy work in the interview. I would rather not work with the company!

    Whatever happened to goo old fashioned interviews?

    2 hours for a pure Q & A competnecy type interview is a long time. I tend to find they are around a hour whenever I have been for them, also wouldnt want to interview anyone for more than around a hour.

    Day long affairs are somewhat different and are more typically referred to as 'assesment centres'

    My current job, I walked in to have a chat with the owner of the company and offer him IT advice, I didnt realise it was an interview and I just chatted about random stuff too.

    Day later they phoned and offered me the IT manager's job lol, it's funny old world
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