Longest Ski Jump on Wii Fit ever?

    Well mine is 192m but this person seems to have found the top possible. 202m? Do you think they're very good or possibly cheating? The dot on the balance board on the right doesn't seem to move at all!…8t4


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    When I jump I'm sure the dot moves more than that, it can't be possible to keep it that still can it?

    Also what are you supposed to do, jump on the red line exactly or before or after for better scores? Lean forward how much once you've jumped?

    That has been faked...

    Look at the dot in the top right of the screen...

    If you have done this jump, you know this moves around when you jump...

    i think it is a cheat but then i would say that because i can not do more than 100:oops:

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    What's everyone's top jump then?

    It is possible and thats not the longest as i have jumped farther than that. I'm sure mine was about 232m

    I've only done it a couple of times and my highest was 153m (completely fluffed the other jump:oops:

    yeah, i manage to mess that one up everytime too :oops:. So i've 'forgotton' how far it was :whistling:

    My OH and I have been doing this quite alot and can get jumps regularly in the 175-190 range. Her brother can top 200 consistently - no joke!

    I'm not sure that you got 232 though zeus - perhaps the machine was broken or something:?

    164m i think mine was. What about doing th Hula for 6 Minutes?


    164m i think mine was. What about doing th Hula for 6 Minutes?

    Now that I'm terrible at!

    Lol, you lose the Rhythm after a while, especially when i go left. I got 1998 on there and was nakered afterwards

    on the second jump the red dot does move slightly

    175m for me

    My best single jump was 199m. Cant for the life of me get close to it now. I know that 202m can be done by cheating though!!
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