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    Hi dont know if posted in right section but looking into booking cp at longleat next yr, i have done sherwood and whinfell and just fancied longleat, anybody been to tell me wot its like i was goin to buk a new style woodland lodge,wots dining out like etc.Thanks in advance


    Not been for a few years but, from memory, most accommodation was a long way from the centre, the "restaurants" were vastly overpriced and I've eaten better food in McDonalds. Also, it's a long way from the nearest habitation (Bath?). It's a nice place nevertheless!

    Went this summer and have been there a good few times before.
    Revamped woodland lodges are very nice. We didn't get to stay in one but the accomodation is fine. Food not as expensive as you may think. Spanish restaurant in the leisure dome, was a favourite. £5 for a meal for children with drink, so not bad value at all.
    If you stay in the 400's in Pine then you are mid way between everything and its a lovely ride on your bike.
    Stunning setting and lots to do, but you do have to pay for all activities and they don't come cheap. Our two girls 8 and 4 love going there.:thumbsup:

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    Thanks alot for your replies,very helpful,sounds nice enough

    Make sure you're back in the chalet by 10pm though - that's when they let the lions out.

    My Mrs almost believed this the first time we went.

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    That is sooooooooooooooo funny hahaha :-D

    We are going in 2 weeks time, cant wait!

    We have done sherwood and oasis whinfell lots of times and its our first visit to longleat.

    *Checks I didnt make this post myself a few months ago* lol - you sound exactly the same as us

    We have a villa near the centre (where most stuff is) and near a little bus stop, because longleat has a little bus thing that takes you around the village if you want/need it

    I can tell you what we think in 3 weeks time if you want

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    yes that wud be very helpful thanks,r u staying in the new style woodland lodge as well

    Yup, new style executive


    Love longleat can't wait, we go twice a year, just booked a week away for … Love longleat can't wait, we go twice a year, just booked a week away for early next year when hubby gets back, a reunion holiday and my bday too, woop!Longleat is fab, you will love it!

    We have gone twice a year for the last few years, but cant see us doing so anymore with centerparcs not offering discounts anymore. We used to pay normalish price for september and then get a really good deal between march and july.

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    i actually booked longleat way back in june for next june, but i was googling around a few days ago and found some people did not enjoy it 1 bit but the majority luved it, i was goin to change it to sherwood but i think after reading yr replies im gonna stick with longleat.Thanks every1.By the way i know the codes have stopped but i got an excellant price with booking like a year in advance and now i notice it has gone up £150 so u do actually get the better prices by booking early
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