Longleat or Cornwall

Found 7th Apr 2010
Got a holiday booked for a week at longleat center parcs this yr never been to this 1 b4 but believe it is very nice,went to cornwall last yr for the week had a great time but done alot of driving so was just debating weather to book another wk at longleat for next yr while the prices are quite reasonable or just go for cornwall again,so anybody been to longleat b4 to tell me wot its like b4 i go ahead and book another week there as slowly the prices creep up throughout the yr,any feedback wud be grateful-sorry its so longwinded
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We went to longleat for a week last year and would love to go back, cant do it all in 1 week, its huge! MUCH bigger than cornwall one (sherwood is also bigger than there though), so big its got its own train!

Would also suggest booking a night in a travel lodge on your last day and going to the safari park the next day, thats what we did. Meant we could stay all day in centerparcs (we had evening meal and left about 7) then just sleep at travel lodge and spend the whole of next day at the safari park, somewhere we wouldnt otherwise be able to go because its too far away

We are booked to go to whinfell in december, but been looking for next year and the prices are not cheap at all! Used to go twice a year, not sure we will even be going next year!
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