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A bit of a long shot, but i was wondering if any has a copy of the Argos Deals Booklet which contains the offer on the Rosario Corner Suite which was on offer at half price at £500. I think the booklet came out about a month or two ago. The reason im asking is that I've just had my sofa delivered today but it didn't come with the footstool which is shown in the picture. I know on the current argos website the photo showing the sofa clearly indicates that the footstool isn't included in the price but im 100% sure the picture I saw of the sofa (at the time of ordering) which was in the argos deal booklet didn't state the footstool wasn't included in the price, hence i was rather angry when the footstool didn't arrive and would now cost me extra £200. So i would be very appreciative if any who has this deal booklet could double check for me to make sure im not going crazy.

Thanks in advance.



it is in the picture but it states you have to purchase seperately

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and is that def. on the argos deals booklet rather than the argos catalogue?

yes and the reason why i know is because i ordered the corner unit - extra large sofa - large sofa and 2 footstools all at half price and then last week cancelled my order because they now cannot guarantee my delivery before christmas or that the colours will all match - so you see i know for definite that you had to order the footstools because i had to - sorry but im afraid if you now want them you will either have to pay full price or wait and see if they reduce them again - hope you enjoy your sofa - i wish i was - mine i mean not yours - lol

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ah right ok thankyou, i must have been going mad then was sure if didn't say anything on the booklet. lets jsut hope they come back in stock otherwise my living room will look a bit bare.

Thanks again.
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