Look at my Billy bargain......

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Found 2nd Mar 2007
Well I have just sold my car with no tax or test for £250 and am getting my mates PC setup tomorrow for the £250.

Just look at this for a bargain.

Sempron 64 bit 3400
754 board
400w PSU (no idea what make, probably just cheapo knowing him).
Nice case with silly lights and stuff
1gb ram
160gb hard drive
9550 graphics
19" tft
Mission 2.1 speakers
wireless k/b and mouse
Epson R220 with 6 inks
Canon Lide scanner (the printer and scanner were mine and were brand new boxed, I sold them to him for £50 about 5 weeks ago because I had no use for them)
Almost new computer desk and beautiful leather chair (cost him just short of £100 in December)

All for £250 :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Oh and genuine WindowsXP Home.

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Your mate must needed the money desperately to sell you the pc for that

heh chair scanner printer and tft is worth more than 250 quid

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He works away and takes home £550 after tax!! Eeeek!!

He only comes home weekends and such so has no need for the PC. I talked him into letting it go for that price after I told him you can get core 2 systems with at least 19" screen for £400ish.

He actually put it in the paper a few weeks ago for £350 and did not get any interest so that also added to my persuasion.

Now my head is in bits as to how I can turn the board and processor into a core 2 e4300 with no direct cost to myslef?

Sell the graphics card for £20 or so, remove my Athlon 64 3400 from my machine and put that sempron in. Then maybe sell the Athlon and board for £90 or so ar all 3 for £100, easily achieved on eBay as 754 3400 CPU's are like gold dust and sell for £70ish on their own. That will just leave me about £60 to get a cheap but good overclocking board.

Oh crap I need DDR2 ram too!!! I don;t want to lose the desk or chair because they are very nice and are always hard to sell on anyway.

The printer and scanner I need for my new business venture.

Hmm, looks like I will have to seetheart the other half on payday in two weeks time!!!


He works away and takes home £550 after tax!! Eeeek!!

Per what?

Im going for per week

Original Poster

Per week, he is a painter and decorator doing those Travel Lodges or Travel Inns, one of the two.

And he is complaining because he ios getting £50 less than his mates, they can drive and he can't so they get a £50 bonus just because they can drive and are sometimes needed to drive the van if anyone is off sick.

Grass is always greener on the other side eh?

If you do sell the 9550 I'd be interested.

That's one heck of a deal beerman...trust you to want to pull it apart!!!

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Grass is always greener on the other side eh?If you do sell the 9550 I'd … Grass is always greener on the other side eh?If you do sell the 9550 I'd be interested.

See what comes in the next two weeks mate. :thumbsup:


That's one heck of a deal beerman...trust you to want to pull it apart!!!

Of course, If I can get a core 2 duo (one I can overclock) for £350 then I will go for it. The £350 would be made up of £250 for this PC, sell £100 worth of stuff, processor, board, and graphics taking it down to £150, use the £100 fro the sale and add £50 of my own money and we can buy a cheap but decent moterboard and a e4300 making the total cost at just £300 for a Core 2 Duo with 19" tft, desk, leather chair, printer, scanner, speakers etc, etc.


Oh and the 1gb ram already in I may try and trade that for the 1gb DDR2 that would be needed. If not I (or should I say the other half) would buy 1gb for just £40 and sticik this in my other PC.


Grass is always greener on the other side eh?If you do sell the 9550 I'd … Grass is always greener on the other side eh?If you do sell the 9550 I'd be interested.

Well....and I apologise if I am treading on beerman's toes, but I will definitely be selling a 9550 and other pc components very soon.

Just got back online tonight after my pc has been upgraded(OH's was upgraded also) that is why I will have quite a bit to get rid of.

I don't do ebay(too scary!) so I'm gonna try the FS board on here.

btw,beerman nice deal you got there,and thanks for your previous help a few weeks back that you gave me regarding upgrade options.

Thanks also to crazylegs.

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Thats fine, I may end up sticking it in the back room as the kids only have on board.

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Well got my PC today with all the bells and whistles, will pick up the chair and desk when he gets his new dining table as he does not want to leave a great big bare space in back room.

I was hoping he would say "You may as well have that DVB thingy as well." But he never did.

(I posted another topic about this if oyu don't know what I am talking about.)

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Wow, my luck just gets better.

He called me about an hour and a half ago, I was on my wayto shop to get a couple of bottles of wine. He wanted me to go down for a few drinks but I couldn't because my other half was going out so I had the kids.

But in the call he said you may as well have that thing I got (meaning the DVB thing) and he is also giving me 10metres of ethernet that he recently bought for his xbox to play live, to hard connect my downstairs PC so I can use this wireless usb adapter upstairs.

Now is that a mate or what?

So all in all I have got almost £600 worth of gear for £250.

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Oh and I forgot to mention.

The keyboard is a Logitech multimedia one, the mouse is a Raptor gaming mouse (1600dpi) and I have even found a USB broadband modem in the box.

Great deal.

I think you might owe this friend a pint!


I think you might owe this friend a pint!

more like a gallon!!

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Lol, no way, he owes me more than what this is worth trust me.

I must have spent almost a grand on him last year when he was out of work, and two years ago i sold him a PC for £300 and only ever saw the first £100 payment.

But a mate is a mate and you have to help each other out, we all have our moments when we need a helping hand.

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Here is the desk, £60 in Argos, which is where he bought it in December.


And the chair so they were worth a lot more than £100.

Wish I had room for a desk that size beerman..nice gear and as you say the deal of deals.
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