Look for an Xbox 360

    Hi guys,

    Boss in work wants a 360 for her husband - whats the best deal on at the minute for the premium pack ?

    Also - whats the latest TombRaider for the 360 ?



    Amazon have what seems to me to be a good deal for £274.95 you get Xbox 360 Console (Includes: Xbox 360, 20GB hard drive, wireless controller, ethernet cable, HD AV cable and headset) plus either [COLOR=black]Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 & Rainbow Six Vegas or forza 2 all delivered .[/COLOR]
    For just the console and accesories it is £264.95 delivered.
    As for Tomb raider there is only one tom,b raider game for the 360 which is tomb raider legends.Its been around for a while so you will prob get it at a cheap price. Tomb raider anniversary came out for the pc & playstaion but not the 360.The game collection sell it for £10.95 brand new and dvd couk have it for £12.99 or you should pick it up cheap on ebay .

    Boots deal seems very popular -

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