Lookin for a digital camera around £100

    could you please tell me what you think the best camera would be to buy around £100 please

    thank you very much. x


    Canon Ixus 70 - I love mine - the black one is £110 on Amazon

    the world is you oyster!

    I bought the canon 460 for my mum as her first digital. Not only does she love it & find it really easy but all her friends with far more expensive cameras say it takes much better pics than theirs.
    For lens (and hence picture) quality in that price range i definitely recommend Canon.

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    Ok Great Thanks

    Another vote for Canon here. Unfortunately you just missed out on some great cashback deals at Easter. I got a Powershot A720is for about £105 and it really is an excellent camera. I've also had 2 other Powershot cameras which were also top quality.

    For that price, I would probably go for a Powershot A570is - They seem to be available for about £100. I'm sure others will disagree. Whatever you get recommended, look up some reviews and have a look at the pros and cons. There may well be some things that put you off that you'd never even thought about. The only problem I've found with the Powershot cameras has been the Flash recharge time, which can be quite slow, although my new one is much better than the others I've had. This is due to the Canon's using AA batteries (You would need to budget for some decent NiMH rechargeables). Some people see this as a disadvantage, but I prefer AA's just in case the batteries run out while I'm out. I can always pick up a couple of Alkaline batteries to keep me going!…0vw
    (Not necessarily the cheapest, just a fairly cheap one!)


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    thanks ill cheak it out
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