Looking a CD Label Template for 5 star CD Labels product code - 909302

Found 26th Jul 2015
have tried the avery one but doesn't align properly when printed!!

amazon.co.uk/Sta…302. 5 star product code 909302

I'm using Microsoft word 2010,

all other suggestions welcome
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According to your Amazon link 1 review wasted 3 sheets before getting the print right and 1 stated the labels were not the correct size.

When I used to print cd labels (years ago) to test I would create a circle slightly larger than the hole and another circle slightly smaller than the full sized cd and save as image. Then I'd use this same image to print and align/adjust onto the first template using a ruler to calculate how much adjustment is required.

I'm sure most printers allow margin correction so you can align properly.

And you are using "Microsoft word 2010" for label printing? never tried - always used Nero or similar "burning software"

Music Management Software for Windows @ Download.com - just remember to uncheck any additional bloatware
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