Looking at a Mobile contract with a decent phone.

    Just bought the o/h a new phone and i have decided rather than buying myself one i might get one on contract. Just bought him a c905 which comes with 8.1mp which is why he wanted it as that what he primarily uses it for.

    I ont he other hand like to text Not excessively, however with the cost of the phone and credit ( o2 pay and go) i thought i might have a look into a contract.

    I have found this one which is with o2 with a free Blackberry for 24 months. £15 per month. I have notced though its only a 2.0 mp camera, anyone have this phone?…ONO

    Or the same phone is available with free ps3 plus lots of extra mins for £30 per month…LIM

    I'd love an iphone but couldnt justify a £35 per month contract really. Ideally looking about £20 per month. However would go upto £30 say if it came with a ps3 or something.

    Any ideas not really bothered whos its with as have never been on contract before.
    I was also wondering say i got the above with the blackberry would i then be charged to go on the net?

    Are there any betetr offers out there? I have seen a few on here in the past but never bit the bullet and signed

    thanks rep to all helpers.

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