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Evening all!

So, I've currently got a petrol hatch back and I'm looking to move to diesel (saloon most likely).

I've had my eye on the mk4 Ford Mondeo as the diesel engines seem pretty good but on each model it's hard to tear apart the 1.8 and the 2.0tdci on fuel economy etc. id like a titanium as I like the screen inbetween the dials and some have the sat nav which has it's uses at times.

My price range is 3k which may not seem alot but I've seen a few under a 100k and in good nic bit too far to arrange a viewing really. There is a good few for under 3k but not all the spec I'd like but if I found a good car then I'd happily change my mind on a spec/trim.

which brings me onto my questions;

what to look out for? (common issues etc)
Is 150k too high for a car I want to last 4/5 years?
Is there really a difference in the 1.8 and the 2.0 tdci?

Thanks for reading!

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Diesel ?!!!
Prepare for pollution punishment penalties!!!

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I've seen bits on the net about what the government are thinking of proposing but it's government's fault for pushing the promoting the diesel so much from 1998

In that case buy that diesel car anyway, as it's all their fault.
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In that case buy that diesel car anyway, as it's all their fault.

​Thanks for the advise..

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Both engines are ok, The 2.0L is probably the better of the two, They … Both engines are ok, The 2.0L is probably the better of the two, They both return a similar MPG. However the 1.8 TDCi 100 variant engine seems to return the best MPG I've seen them with over 300k on, But expect dpf, turbo and injector issues.

​I was thinking more along the lines of the 2.0 as it's a psa engine I believe? saying that the 1.8 you get a little more bang for your buck.

It appears that the diesel charges they are bringing into the cities are not going to be until 2019, other than London that is. So if you're only planning on keeping it for 2 years you should avoid a lot of these charges. Also, the government (which may change) are consider offering something along the lines of a scrappage scheme and figure of £2K have been mentioned. So if the car is near to or under £2K in value and you live outside of London I would not worry too much about the new laws, you could end up making a profit on the vehicle! However, they may increase the price of diesel so you may want to look at how many miles you expect to cover. I could be completely wrong though I am sure others will put me right if I am.

Agree with above, at your budget buying a diesel might be a good idea (unless you live in or near a big city) as you won't be worried about the resale value too much. The fear factor will have driven the prices down and you can use this to your advantage and haggle even more money off
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Get a cheap one . After you have bought it , hopefully you can take advantage of the proposed scrappage scheme
and scrap it for a deposit on a new vehicle .

2.0 tdci is best engine ensure fly wheel has been done or budget it in (not cheap) if buying over 80k, make sure not clocked as loads are. also i think you need to budget 4-5k for a decent one.

Consider a Honda Accord,if you want toys go for the EX spec
.Veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery reliable.

The 1.8tdci doesn't have a DPF the 2 litre does.

Some of them don't have a timing chain and have a wet belt instead. Basically a belt that runs in oil. These both need changing (depending on which one you have) at certain intervals. The chains aren't for the life of the car as in a lot of cars so check if it has been done.

Solid cars though.

I have a 2.0 tdci zetec with a few extras (59 plate) and the engine is rock solid, currently on 90k miles.
has been one of the best cars I've owned, has an enormous boot and even kept it after I bought my next car (it's on loan to another family member at the moment)

I'd go for the 2.0 engine over the 1.8 as it's noticeably smoother (its a newer design than the 1.8).
these engines do a regeneration on the DPF every few thousand miles. in fact iirc ford's DPFs are pretty much the most reliable on the market.

BTW your absolutely right to ignore the news scaremongering about diesel engines. nothing has been officially announced and the government hadn't even thought about it until all the papers went on an anti diesel drive.

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Thank you all for your posts! I bought a 2.0 tdci titanium with full service history and knocking him down to a good price .
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