Looking at buying a (used) Hyundai i10 1.2l, any thoughts about the i10?

Found 20th Jun 2014

My old v reg clio is costing more to run and maintain so its time for an upgrade.

After a lot of looking around and a visits to various dealers/garages the Hyundai i10 caught my eye.
It has everything I want; great visibility, small and thin for easy parking, good boot space, decent back seat space and cheap to run. Most importantly its within budget and has a 1.2l engine (I live in the middle of nowhere so 1.2l is the minimum for hills).

At the moment I'm looking at 2009/2010 comfort models (slightly smaller design and cheaper because its the early design), the pre facelift models. I'm only looking at approved Hyundai dealers as you get 1 year warranty and they are the only dealers local to me which have a good stock of them.

Before I take a test drive and really set my heart on one I thought it best to hear some opinions from owners and what better place then HDUK. Not particularly car mad people, just people who like things cheap to run, maintain and a good deal for the money.

So HDUK Hyundai i10 owners what's your opinion on it? I want the bad, the good and most importantly would you recommend/buy again.
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We have two Hyundais a Santa Fe and an IX20. Both have proved to be very reliable and always had excellent service from Hyundai, and any warranty work has always been carried out with no quibble. I personally would recommend Hyundai
I have a 10 plate 1.2 comfort i10 and I love it. No reliability issues (touch wood), cheap tax and insurance and I get approx 47 mpg. My partner who is 6'2 has plenty of headroom and I can fit 2 kids seats, 2 teenagers and myself in. The local dealers are good and work completed under warranty with no problems. The only downside would be I have done only 14,000 miles and have needed a complete set of new tyres, but that could just be my bad driving and the thousands of speed bumps where I live. I have noticed that the second hand prices where I live is quite high, only a £1,000 less than I paid for it new so it might be worth seeing how much dearer the new version is.
Price wise the 09/10 i10's (20k to 30k mileage) near me are marked up at between 4500 and 5000, but with trade in (have old parents car sat in the drive which I can offer too) and haggling I should be able to knock a grand off without too much trouble. Then there is also, "This is the original model, there are two more newer ones out there"
I'm gutted I missed the deals where you could get them for around £6k new earlier this year
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Hi. I also have a 10 plate i10 (although the higher style model). The model only covers the 'cosmetics' of the car, otherwise it's the same as the comfort I believe.
It's a great car for cheap run around, as previous poster said good mileage, I do a lot of city driving and a full tank costs around £35 and gets about 230 miles, longer motorway driving it easily gets up to 250-260 miles.
Tax is only £30 per year and insurance cheap too. For example, I'm 32 (young for an i10 driver I know!) , driving for 11 years, no claims protected, husband on insurance also, all for approx £250.
It's a great nippy car for zipping around town and does well on the motorway too, great to park anywhere due to its size. But inside it's very spacious for a small car. I have a rear facing child seat in the back and have no problems with space. The 5 doors come in handy with getting my son in and out with ease.
I've had my car from new and always taken it to the dealer for service, mot etc. this year they found a couple of warranty repairs needed and they fixed promptly, no problems at all. They also offer courtesy car for use on service / repair days with no extra charge.
The 1.2 engine is nippy enough to cope with hills although we use our other car for journeys such as this so I'm possibly not best to comment on the i10 performance. I'd suggest taking a test drive up a few steeper roads just to check it has the power you want.
Based on your needs, it sounds ideal.
Ps, if you could stretch to the style I'd recommend it - the sunroof is great but most of all my heated seat button is (almost) the most used button in the car! Also the interior is upgraded to leather so the steering wheel / gear stick etc just feels nicer when driving.
Hope this helps
Hyundai i10 is a great little car with low running costs you will be pleased with it.

At the start of the year they had the base model (Classic) at £6995 (in white) new but now that offers over the used prices have held well.
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We have a Classic i10 09 plate. We bought it from new using the scrappage scheme so it only cost us around £5000.
Its been a fantastic car for the whole family. My oh is 6' 1" and he fits in it no problem. Unfortunately the warranty runs out next month but I cant foresee any problems that might arise.
Its nippy, has good acceleration, is easy to park, easy to drive and is economical. I couldnt recommend it enough!
Hyundai's are good value budget cars. the easy jet of cars. excellent for gas mileage, which i'm sure you will like. sorry, i mean petrol mileage - i had one in the states so i still say 'gas' lol.
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If you can afford it, go for an i10 Active that is a couple of years old, you will get 3 years remaining makers warranty, for not much more than the older Comfort model.

Better still, look at the slightly larger i20.
Thanks for all the replies.
After a lot of looking around and a few test drives I ended up with an 09 plate i10.
They are nice to drive and have more poke then I thought they would.
I couldn't find many Style or Active models local to me and the ones I could were out of my budget.
Comfort over Classic was mainly for the remote locking and height adjustment (I'm short) with the fog light and rest being nice to have.
It ending up costing me more then I was hoping for, but was a nicer discount then any of the other dealers were offering, it was in the best nick I'd seen with 23000 mileage and only a elderly couple as owners (husband past away, so she put it in her name).
Plus I managed to get quite a bit thrown in nothing amazing, but worth getting as they add up.
Part of the sales agreement is it looks almost factory new with full valet, service and all the paintwork checking with some freebie supaguard or something thrown in.
Can't wait to pick it up on Friday.

I did consider and test drive the Dacia Sandero (one was sat in Asda after I did the first test drive of a i10) and its a damn nice car for the money, slap a more popular manufacturers badge and it would be marked up at £12k+ for the above Base models.
Very smooth drive (for the money) and looks unbelievably nice for the money. Seriously they look better in person then online, pretty unbelievable it doesn't look cheap on the outside. No bad inside either, but very strange placement of the window controls (the high end model has the electric windows control in the middle just behind the handbrake)
It's just let down by its emissions (£130 road tax on the 1.2l oO), the 2+ month delivery time and the size (40cm larger at the front and sides).
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