looking at florida holiday- all suggestions please

Please can anyone give any advice? My daughters are 8 and 12 and desperate to go to Forida and Disneyland.
I went once many years ago, and would love to take them before they get too old.
This would really be a one off for us- usually a week in spain.
When is best time of year to go- for weather and prices- taking time off school not too much of an issues currently.
I would not want to drive- so how easy is it to use buses etc?
Realistic prices on what you've paid and spending money needed would be great.
Thanks in advance


have a look at the dibb it's great site lots of help if you can go out with school holidays it's cheaper if not despite weather just now we loved the Sept Oct time more expensive but Halloween at parks is fun..

April\May time isn't bad as it's not too hot and sticky. We've also been in October for Halloween and the yanks love it and go all out in the parks. Buses are few and far between and don't cover all areas, they only really cover the local areas but most hotels offer shuttles too and from the ain't parks like Disney, Universal, Seaworld etc.

Is there a reason you don't want to drive? It's incredibly easy the lanes are really wide so it's not like driving in Spain\Italy.

We factor $100 a day for food and $100 a day for purchases (family of 3) but we often don't spend all that. We buy tickets a d are hire in advance as there are very rarely bargains once you arrive so it's easier for budgeting.
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The best holidays ever just love Florida, if not driving I'd stay on international drive then park etc easy to reach with lots of transport companies around to assist you some hotels do free shuttle buses, or if just wanting to do Disney stay on site n one of their hotels.

Time to go is really up to you we've been July the last 3 years prior to that always went in October, which is definitely cooler as the person above said look on the dibb and you will get lots of info on that web site, happy planning :).

I love to go end of Feb - April it is like a hot summer here and not as humid as August and definitely a lot quieter. We have just come back and the weather was hit and miss.
If you can afford it discovery cove is for me the top place and you get 14 days in aquatics and seaworld.
Universal studios for me was so much better than Disney. ( disney had the same rides as the last time I went 14 years ago and looked tired but there is something magical about Disney. I just didn't think Disney was worth the money and your 12 year old will think it's to babyish.
Universal drive is where you would have to stay if you can't afford a universal or Disney hotel.
How much money to take depends on where you eat, food is quiet cheap except I the parks.
If you have any questions ask away I have been so many times.

There's often last minute bargains to be had early May and June, but if you want to plan ahead consider flying indirect to lower the cost of flights. We always find booking DIY works out cheaper for us but make sure your travel insurance includes end supplier failure.

Like others have said the Dibb is a fantastic resource for planning, also some of the Facebook groups.

Remember if you want to do dine at some of the more sought after disney restaurants you need to be booking when booking opens at 180 days before or 180+10 if staying on site, same with fastpasses which open at 60 days out for on site guests 30 if not. if you plan on staying off site consider booking a Disney hotel for 1 night at the beginning of your holiday if you can get it cheap enough, you'll get magic bands which otherwise you'd have to buy, magic express transfers from MCO, and can book fastpasses at 60 days for your check in and check out day and then they open one at a time each day after that. Not sure if this loophole might ever close but worth a shot if you can get it cheap enough.

Lastly sign up to Uber using a code if you don't want to hire a car, we found that a relatively cheap and easy way to get around when we didn't want to drive. Happy planning

buy Disney and universal studios tickets before you go. if your driving go to Bush Gardens as well


As a Floridian property owner and letter I would say you might get yourself a bargin in the coming months!

The £ has dropped and that makes it more expensive, the flights will also become more expensive as operating costs at the airport charged in $ will be more expensive to the UK operators.

As a result, companies will cut where they can to keep people coming, hotel prices, car rentals etc. usually see a price cut with things turn down. I suspect bookings for April, May, June 2017 might well be down a bit over what they have been these past yrs.

Its been a busy few years in Florida as its has become popular again, esp. with Brits few people want to see a turn down in visitors, they would rather take a cut in profit!

Get too old?



Get too old?

I didn't know getting too old for Orlando was an actual thing?

I love orlando and Florida. I have been five times in past 8 years. My advise is it's much quicker and easier to drive than catching buses. Don't go in June-august as the weather is either too hot or raining. The parks close all rides at the first sign of thunder. Unfortunately you have thought about going when the pound is at its weakest in over 30 years. So it's going to cost a lot. If your going for two weeks and it's a family of four wanting to go to universal, Disney, water parks etc. Your going to be looking at £6-7k for the holiday.
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