Looking at getting into poker

    Can anyone recommend a decent site?

    Looking for free games at the moment.

    Thanks in advance!


    ^ definately this, loads of practice rooms for free until you get the confidence to stump up your cash.

    PokerStars have loads of freeroll tournaments.

    I played this for a few months, got bored after actually..


    I played this for a few months, got bored after actually..

    ^^^ deffo this, the problem is at low stakes players go all in with absolutely nothing in the hope they get lucky. In real live / high stakes poker you just don't play like that and after a while you grow a little tired of this sort of play.

    And after poker stars was done the other week for having autobots playing some of the games I have lost interest in online poker. look to see if there is any live poker round your way as it is much better. Some pubs have poker nights round our way.


    Pokerstars +1

    try fulltilt
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