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Found 13th Nov 2017
Hi I would like to install CCTV to cover my front and rear of property (Mid terraced) budget will be about £200 I am happy to install myself but don't really know what I am looking at. I will be renting the property out so a DVR that doesn't need the internet would be perfect however I would like a clear and decent image with night vision too. Any recommendations?
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I described what I have on this thread..... hotukdeals.com/dis…398

Mine does connect to the internet but you don't have to use it.

I have one of these - got it at the time with two cameras for the same sort of price. ebay.co.uk/itm…NyH
Thank you wil check it out, I was looking at the hikvision cameras the picture quality looks great I think POE is the way to go for me. I used to be under the impression lots of planning was required for POE in terms of voltage drop/undercurrent is this still the case?
Mine is POE. I bought additional 'external' grade network cables for the outside cameras from ebay which I think were longer than the cables in the kit and it all works fine.

I have just bought some old used (for spares or repair) Swann cameras from ebay to use as dummy cameras and decided to open them up and see if I could get the IR lights working. I had a 9V DC transformer available and they lit up satisfactorily with just that (spec is 12V) - so I think there must be some tolerance in the working range to allow for any drop across the wiring (which is some cases could be quite long). Got these old cameras installed, now powered by a 12V supply so that the IR lights come on in the dark meaning that they look like the real thing!

No experience with hikvision but certainly happy with the quality of Swann. Just as I said in my previous post my cameras are a little too high for facial clarity as it catches more the top of the head!
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