Looking far a jigsaw for cutting wood


I am looking for a jigsaw for cutting wood, can anyone recommend one?
Will i also need a bench for one?
Not wanting to spend too much..
Also, never having used one before, any advice would be great!



As in most things you generally get what you pay for and some brands are 'better' than others.

What is recommended depends on how much use its going to get. If it's for a one off project and is then likely to sit at the back of a cupboard for a few years then there's nothing wrong with a budget model (although you might like to separately purchase some higher quality blades).

I assume that you'll be wanting to cut some curves or other awkward shapes otherwise I'd say just use a saw as it would be much more accurate than a jigsaw.

As for a bench, that depends on how important an accurate cut is to you and also how big the starting pieces of wood are. If it's not that important and you're working with a large sheet of MDF (for example) it's certainly possible to do it without a bench. If it is and you're working with smaller pieces then a workbench or a surface mounted vice is certainly to be recommended.

Hi, I got a cheap jigsaw from Wilkinsons, £14.95, good luck.

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I plan to cut straight lines, e.g 1 inch think planks of wood, so about 30-40 of them.
And will probably sit in the shed until i think of something else or someone wants to borrow it!
Don't have a wilkinsons in Edinburgh, as far as know, but thanks.

A mitre saw would be perfect for the job you require, pick a cheap one up at your local DIY shed for about £25.

Oh yes, for that type of work a mitre saw is spot on, either a manual one (more effort but less cost - around £15 and upwards) or a power one (hardly any effort at all - around £25 and upwards).
Alternatively, for straight cuts in smallish cross sections like that if you're even reasonably competent there's nothing wrong with marking the piece in pencil and sawing away with a hand saw. A Spear & Jackson Predator First Fix saw at around £8 from Toolstation would suit as would many others.

Here's what mitre saws look like



i have a good one for sale £35 cost £150 new

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Thanks guys, but would a mitre power saw allow me to cut say a long piece of wood in two?
It does look like it is only for short or not for wide cutting?

Now, longitudinal cuts, that's another story. For decent results you're looking at a band saw. They start around £60 but you also need to fix them securely to a bench or worktop. This is what one looks like


You feed the wood along the guide and you get a good straight cut.

If it's not going to be used that often it's probably worth asking at one of the DIY places if they'll do the cutting for you.

or a jigsaw!

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Thanks for you help guys, i ended up getting one like this from B and Q:

although it was slightyly cheaper!
Now looking for a cheap bench!
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