Looking for 10 laptops for an educational instirution. any reccomendations of suppliers??

    ..looking for suppliers that will do a discount for educational instituions. Does any one know of any reliable suppliers. I'm looking for at least 10 laptops £200 - £300 range.


    Dell do discounts for hospitals, schools etc. Ring customer services. 0844 444 4699

    If you have kids could you ask at their school who they use?

    I work at a school and we used a company called ERGO . Lots of problems though ,some had been built with faulty componants although the motherboards were changed under the warranty .Some of our earlier laptops only have 256mb of RAM , totaly under powered for todays programs . We have had some nice new Toshiba's from Business PC World but theres no discount.

    Go for Tesco, and get the points!!!!

    How about RM?
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