Looking for 16GB 2nd Gen. iPod Touch under £200

    As the title says I'm looking to find a 16GB 2nd Gen. iPod Touch for less than £200 (shop deals only unless anyone has one brand new)

    I was given some money towards one at Christmas but couldn't find anywhere in time to sell me one.

    A lot of shops currently seem to be out of stock as well or have prices that I'm not willing to pay.

    If anyone knew of any current deals/vouchers or had a brand new one they would be willing to negotaite a price for I would greatly appreciate the help.



    Comet is £199

    click and collect at comet for 4% cashback at!

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    Comet is £199

    Comet website shows £214 for me and I was looking at the Dixons one but it's out of stock

    looking for the same going to try and bargin at apple shop in morning dixons out of stock

    just been to apple store and bought mine for £214 but they have loads in stock and it comes i n a cool clear case
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