Looking for 19'' / 21'' tv with freeview

    around £130.
    thank you...


    Take a look on
    There's one on there £129.99

    Polaroid 19" is £129.95 instore only at Richer Sounds…1CU

    If from ebuyer then rather than the Techwood at £129.99 I'd definitely go for the Samsung SM932W (Pebble) at £133.31…572. I'm pretty confident that this is the lowest current price for a 'proper' manufacturer's set in 19" with Freeview.

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    thanx guys samsung is looking good.

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    samsung don't have FREEVIEW tuner so that is no no..
    polaroid seems fine with 5 years warranty £142....
    not sure about richer sound though!!

    Sorry about the Samsung, got my wires crossed a bit.

    Richer are fine. I find the staff to be more knowledgable than any other. In fact, instore only can be a blessing in disguise as you get to make sure that the box hasn't been dropped off a 20 storey building, repeatedly, as happened with an online order from another retailer for 4 TVs I made a few years ago. Well, it might not have been 20 stories.
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