Looking for 19 inch Flatscreen TV

    I'm on the hunt for a flatscreen TV for my 9 year old son's bedroom, for his Christmas present. Have seen some **** ones and a few that look halfway decent, but often have **** reviews!
    Have looked at so many that my head is in a spin and I don't know what I should go for!
    I need to buy it online and have it delivered, and i'm looking to pay around £150 (!) Would pay up to £170 but no higher!! It needs to be a 19 inch or bigger. Would be great if it had inbuilt Freeview but not a must.
    What about this one -…htm
    Would be grateful for any advice-or any personal experience of a bad purchase so I know what not to buy!


    im sure argos have a similar model or the same model reduced in there argos catalog for 99.99

    Il try dig out the mag that i noticed it in. Not 100% sure its argos, but i picked up a argos book the other day thats why i think its that one. Its on the very back page im sure, so if anyone has one of them books handy have a look ...

    IMHO All the 19"/20"/22" LCD tv's which are obviously monitors with a tv tuner and remote which are normally £180-£280 are a massive rip off.

    There are more and more 26" HDTV's appearing at the £250ish mark and guaranteed some will appear around xmas time.

    I think you're brave to be giving a 9year old a £200 tv which is pretty fragile around a child, have you considered a 2nd hand 20" tv with freeview/dvd hooked up? £40+ jobby and £15 stb sorted...

    Original Poster

    Couldn't afford to go £200+ schizo!
    And I would have a second hand one (if i could find one!) as long as it ticked the boxes!

    Asking for built in freeview is kind of asking for a premium unfortunately.

    If you are you are certain the room in question can get Freeview without problem, either via internet aerial or aerial feed coax to room.

    Check places like [url][/url] [url][/url] etc to see if anyone local has em.

    I wonder if you've read up on Freeview parental control options on stb's
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