Looking for 2 sub £100 PAYG Mobiles for kids Xmas

    Both are currently on Orange PAYG Dolphin tariff

    Looking for a nice pink one for my 12YO daughter and something suitable for a 15YO boy too.

    Anyone recommend models for max £100 to look out for over the next few weeks?


    try carphonewarehouse....payg simfree plus u can trade in ur old phone £10.

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    I can get an Orange Sony Ericsson W910i - Black for my son for £100 in a few stores which seems a good deal.

    Is it an OK phone for the price?

    i've got a boxed silver N95 with accessories locked to orange in very good condition. looking for £100 for it.


    N95 hardly ideal for a 15 year old, lol

    Try Nokia 5310, SE K770i, SE W910, SE W580 for the 15 Year old... All good decent phones with great music features which teenagers love... All Under a hundred pounds...

    12 Year old, SE W610i, Nokia 5310, decent phones, reliable and offer great music options too... Keep away from the W580i for youngsters as the screens are easily broken on these, there is no protective lens covering the LCD so any keys in your pocket, etc will break the LCD...

    Sorry didnt notice the pink thing till now, lol

    why N95 not ideal for a 15 year old. Its a good phone with all the bits n bobs a 15 year old would want in a phone?


    Its not new, which I assume the OP would want as a Christmas present for their kids... Its also large and over complicated for a teenager, who wants most likely wants to text and listen to music... Battery life is poor etc its just a little too complex for the requirements of a teenager in my opinion

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    Thanks for the offer MANJ_007 but I am looking for something new. Good deal for someone though. Cheers

    I'm not sure about the Nokia 5310 design, but am looking into the W910i and K770i. Also spotted a W760i but it's a little more expensive. Thanks for the pointers.


    5310 is a decent phone for kids we sell tonnes for little boys, lol they offer the music features common in SE phones with the ease of use and reliability of a Nokia

    The w910 is also a decent music phone and now you dont need logs to Unlock so unlocking these should be cheaper in most places £10-£15 max


    G600 good phones, great camera cheaper here £79.99…tml

    Usually an easy £5 unlock... from most decent phone shops

    Only fault is the replacement screens are usually expensive on Samsungs, so you do have to be carefull with it

    Also Sony Ericsson K770i Pink…nre
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