Looking for 2 x 1GB DDR PC3200 Memory - Dell Dimension 3000

    I am looking for some cheap compatible memory for my Dell Dimension 3000.

    I have purchased some on eBay, only to find out that Dell's aren't compatible with 'High Density' memory.

    I know Crucial memory is compatible, but it is quite expensive in comparison. - Models CT12864Z40B x2 (or CT2KIT12864Z40B - which contains quantity 2). - Cheapest is around £118 inclusive.

    Does anyone have any experience of purchasing (cheaper) memory for the Dell Dimension 3000.

    Thanks in advance,

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    That seems pretty cheap to me ... I just had a search on eBay at the same person I bought my Corsair RAM from (512 x 2) and hes selling the corsair 1GB RAM for approx £126 ! So thats more than £250 for 2gb ... crazy. I remember he was the cheapest around and I got mine for £60 around 8 months ago.
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