Looking for 2 x 65 inch TVs with decent spec for under £500 each with 5/6 year warranty

Posted 26th May
Hi all
Looking for two TVs One for our family room and one for my folks. I want them the same so I can talk them through over the phone with any issues. They MUST have at least a 5 year gurantee. As for spec I do not want the bottom ones out there but I am not after top of the pops either. Any suggestions please? any places that might offer a deal for two maybe?
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fearona26/05/2020 14:28

6 year …6 year warrantyhttps://www.richersounds.com/tv-projectors/all-tvs/hisense-65b7100uk.html

Many thanks. I had thought of this but its bottom of the Hisense range. So good for me, but I would like local dimming at least for my folks. The next model up the 7500 Is over the £500 range with 5 year warranty.
DaveG4626/05/2020 14:48


Perfect. Thank you
I’m going to call RS tomorrow. See if they will do a deal for two.
rik11126/05/2020 18:14

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I don’t want top of the range at all. I just don’t want the bar bottom. Next one up is fine.
Keep an eye on Panasonic store eBay but you’ll only get a refurb with a one year warranty. Otherwise your options are very limited.
Maybe hotukdeals.com/dea…974
rik11126/05/2020 18:14

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And furthermore. Your comment about get a better job is network helpful or relevant. I could be a millionaire or a pauper. How I decide to buy two TVs and the value I attribute to that isn’t your concern. I suggest you refrain from commenting and learn some manners.
Thank you for the helpful non smart arse keyboard warrior responses. The cheapest at the moment is clearly the Toshiba at around £370 at very. The cheapest with five year warranty is e basic Hisense at richer sounds for 449. O was hoping there is a deal I have not seen for around 450-500 but a little better than the base model with a 5 year warranty.
I know its not under 500, but this is close.


I picked this up in January and have found it great for the price. I paid 550.
The only slight issue is that blacks are not fully black, I presume that won't be acheived without spending 1000's though.
Fair enough, you carry along expecting a top TV for budget money. Maybe lower your expectations, you could get very decent 55” for your budget but if you insist on a 65” you will only get a very much budget a TV...
I appreciate your budget is tight, but if you can stretch it a bit, extra £200 total (£100 per TV) would get you a much better Hisense TV like the H65U7BUK, from Costco with 5 year warranty. Think John Lewis should price match, not sure if you'd get the £100 JL voucher to use in future too? Richer Sounds no longer offering this model unfortunately.
So how did you get on ringing RS ?
rik11127/05/2020 21:52

So how did you get on ringing RS ?

Nice guy but offered nothing on two Hisense 65 7100s and on the Philips 65 which they have at 569 they offered £10 off two so a fiver each which considering if I used code TV20 i could have got £40 off I was pretty dissapointed to be honest.
By way of update. I bought two TVs! Both Hisense, one is the 65 inch 7100 and the other the 65 inch 7500. The 7100 was £439 and the 7500 £559 both from Richer Sounds who offered the money off as VIP deal. I was happy with 2x7100 but for my Dad the stand on the 7100 was too wide for his unit. So needed the 7500 stand. Thanks for those that offered helpful tips.
Thanks for updating, nice to know how the story ends! Hope you enjoy your new TV
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