looking for 22" LCD TV with 1080P resolution (preferably with dvd player!)

Found 31st Jan 2009
Only one I've been able to identify that fits the bill is the UMC l216/22b on sale at comet for £229. Just wondering if there are any others out there that I should consider. (PS wanting the higher res as principally will be using as a pc monitor, but want to be able to use as a tv/dvd without having the (noisy) pc on.


Sainsburys had the same one as comet for £199 - Have been on sale since new year so some stores have run out now. Try your local ones. I bought the one without the dvd player from Tesco for £169.97 less quidco - If you go for the dvd player version look on the skymedia web site or umc site as there is a pdf file with multiregion hack on there.

Makro have had the dvd version for £149.99+ vat twice recently too if you can in / have one near by - None left when I looked though and the offer has finished for now.

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cheers! will look into sainsburys

i bought two of these from Makro at sheffield today for £155+vat/item, and also the warranty states 12 months on the receipt and not 7days for faulty goods, however most makro electronics and electrical items which have a helpline should be consulted first if fault can be diagnosed and rectified.

faults can be minor or severe, and a green spot could be severe so if in doubt and not happy with advice then show them reverse of receipt and ask to see the manager on duty since the returns policy also states--

Makro Quality Brand-: If for any reason you should be dissatisfied with a Makro Quality Brand product, please return the product with proof of purchase to a Makro store and Makro will give you a full refund or a replacement product without question.***********

Makro returns policy where helplines provided can be open to variation since they sell the products with helplines to reduce returns. Check the returns policy as much as possible, and its important to remember that in no way does the receipt state you have to return to within 7days, and as such could be hard to justify as an excuse against a refund or replacement.

It can also depend which member of staff was on duty at the time since I had a freeview recorder which went faulty after 11 months and they swapped it for another one which went faulty again on another unrelated fault, which was different to the first.
I did phone the helpline which was supplied with the item, and then complain and they gave me a reference number to use at makro to get my money back. I went to makro and the reference number was not needed. After explaining I was a regular buyer and that the fault could not be repaired at reasonable cost, and after using the items 11months they credited my visa card with the full amount. :-D

Usually after buying a product after approximately 7-10 you have been deemed to have accepted the goods and your rights can change

either way if in doubt buy on visa for full protection usually for a year!

Alternatively, you could hook the tv up within a couple of days of buying it and leave it on to ensure its ok..

Most tv engineers would recommend this and its called a soak test to ensure it passes inspection.

the offer is either HOT for you or not....

Good luck in whatever you decide..
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