Looking for £5 Mobile Phone Contracts!!!

    I heard Orange were doing £5 p/m contracts, but when I got to their website I couldnt find anything about it.

    So does anyone no about it or any other £5 p/m contracts (dosnt have to come with a phone).

    If so please let me know, it would be a real help.



    For the amount you'd pay over 36mths, your better off getting a £10 sim only deal for 12mths which would have alot more minutes & texts!

    3 years is a hell of a long time to be tied into a contract!

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    Would you rather spend £120 every year or £180 for 3 years.
    £10 contract + 3 years = £360
    £5 contract + 3 years = £120

    Depends on what your after I expect.

    I am on orange PAYG and am on the dolphin plan, basically if you top up £10 you get 300 free text messages and free internet, facebook etc. they do other plans where you get free minutes and music instead of texts and int. you also keep the £10 credit for use on calls etc. you can select 3 other orange numbers of friends family etc and can talk for up to 1 hour for 20p, these are called magic numbers. when the month is up you either top up by another £10 or don't it's up to you, if you dont top up you dont get another 300 free texts and you dont get your 3 magic numbers until you top up. so if you use your free texts and your magic numbers for 1 month, then use your £10 balance for the second month, then you will get alot more for your money than the £5 pay monthly plan from orange which is only 50 texts and 50 mins.


    Would you rather spend £120 every year or £180 for 3 years.£10 contract + … Would you rather spend £120 every year or £180 for 3 years.£10 contract + 3 years = £360£5 contract + 3 years = £120Depends on what your after I expect.

    I think that your maths has gone adrift!
    £10 x 12 x 3 = £360
    £5 x 12 x 3 = £180 NOT £120.

    Take a look at a cashback deal on
    18 months at £5 or less gets you 300 mins + unlimited texts
    and you're only tied to a contract for half the time
    Look at Nokia 2220 for starters.
    Good luck
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