Looking for 7 seater suggestion

Posted 28th Apr

we are looking for a used 7 seater.. I am tempted for petrol/hybrid because of 2 main reasons -
1) we live just outside North Circular but as ULEZ coming to NC by 2021 that means diesel might have low resale value
2) our annual run is hardly 3-4k, so friends suggested that diesel might not be good for us.

We checked Land Rover Discovery Sport, BMW X5, VW Touran and other in our mind are VW Sharan or maybe Toyota Verso..

Which non-diesel 7 seater would you suggest? or you think fine to go for Diesel one in our case?

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Well theres a 7 seater prius linked to in this thread
Seat one looks nice or Madza 5
we had the same problem when we wanted to buy a 7 seater, not for the number of people, but for the large boot space for our bikes. we had looked at the ford s max but then the diesel problem came along so we had to dismiss the diesel cars.

looking at MPVs, it appeared that a lot of manufacturers have abandoned the MPVs and moved on to SUVs as they are more popular so the choice of MPV became very limited. We decided to get an MPV simply because the height of the seats on the SUVs is too high for our dog to jump into from outside the car, but if it wasn't for this, I would have gone for an SUV as they looked much better than an MPV.
There's a big variation in the quality of the seats in the third row. Some are good enough for regular use by big adults, some are the sort of rear seats you get on sportscars for occasional short journeys only.

So what sort of occupants and frequency of use are those 6th and 7th seats likely to see?

Also, what are you general priorities in a car?
Citroen Spacetourer
Skip diesel.
Are you using 3rd roll at the time?
Some of the 3rd roll seat of 7 seater are not comfortable...
StudentGrant1 h, 39 m ago

Citroen Spacetourer

The six seater variant is particularly nice:
I don't think it comes in petrol in any of it's guises though (Spacetourer, Traveller, Vivaro Life, Proace Verso), only a two litre diesel in 120bhp, 150bhp or 180bhp forms.

It's smaller sibling, the long wheelbase version of the Rifter/Berlingo/Combo Life is available with with PSA's well regarded Puretech petrol engine though.
Tesla Model X.
I guess your busted BMW is a goner!
Really depends how many of you there are we've currently got a ford galaxy but ours is diesel, we'll be in the ulez too when it expands. I've had smaller 7 seaters and this one is the most comfortable by far. I have very tall teenagers and they can sit in the 3rd row too but if you don't need to use the 3rd row regularly then most should be fine. I don't think I'm petrol the galaxy has a good economy and they are quite pricey to purchase. But its oh so comfortable. The largest boot space I've seen on a 7 seater excluding the Toyota estima etc those are spacey too.
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