Looking for a 15" laptop with best processor and RAM for under £500

I need a new Laptop for my wife. She wants it mainly for business purposes so a dedicated graphics card is not essential. Obviously the best processor and RAM is the most important feature. Screen no bigger than 15" with a decent keyboard. She will be using it for writing so a good keyboard is essential. Ideally I would like a 120GB + SSD in the laptop but I haven't seen many places that offer SSDs in their products therefore a 500GB + drive is suffice. Thanks.


I can thoroughly recommend NovaTech, they use good quality components and will customise their system to your specification. If you give their sales department a ring they should be able to specify a laptop with SSD instead of a mechanical drive. I recommend you go for an SSD as these not only give a significant speed increase, but most importantly are not vulnerable to shock damage like mechanical drives.

I'd stick with Intel processors as these run cooler, an i5 makes a good work machine that will handle multiple applications open at the same time. 8GB of RAM should be ample. Most laptops are 15.4" or 15.6" screen sizes, below that you;re looking at 13" Ultrabooks which tend to be more expensive in terms of bang-for-buck.

I have no personal or financial interest with Novatech, but I've rolled-out a few of their machines for customers of mine and they speak highly of their customer service,


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Thanks for your answer. I will try Novatech. Our previous laptop was a custom built machine from PCSpecialist. Like you say it gives you the freedom to customise your laptop to your requitrements. It baffles me why retailers don't offer SSDs in their machines though, especially considering the price fall. Thanks.

If you find a good one but the keyboard lets it down, could she not just get a full sized USB keyboard or does she need it to be portable?

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I suppose she could but she likes it sat on her lap so an external keyboard wouldn't really work would it?
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